You can block corrosion.

Keeping your car free of corrosion means protecting it as much as possible from the forces of nature that work to corrode its surface. Rain, snow, tree sap, and bird droppings are all hard on the paint and can compromise the finish of your car leading to auto repair. The following suggestions can help you to keep your car’s surface looking newer for longer:

  1. Keeping your car under cover will protect it from the effects of many of the elements.
  2. Even if your car is in a garage the majority of the time, it will still need to be washed, dried, and polished regularly. A good wax job can help protect the finish. Avoid harsh cleaners that can strip the surface of its protective agents.
  3. If you can’t wash your car properly and it’s very dirty, at least rinse it off. Do your best to gently remove dirt and grit before they damage your car.
  4. About two times a year, take the time to carefully inspect your car. In particular, look around the fenders and wheel wells. Watch for chips, places where the paint has thinned, or bubbles that signal the start of corrosion.
  5. If you find places where a chip or ding has occurred or where the first signs of corrosion are apparent, don’t hesitate to come to NCIS in Oceanside, CA and have those spots repaired.