What's That Noise? Could it be my brakes?

Brakes that make noise are telling you something. When brakes squeal for attention, it may mean that they are worn or that parts are missing. Or, it could mean that the pads need to be replaced. Brakes that make a grinding noise are probably telling you that the lining is worn to the metal backing.

What you feel when you step on your brakes can be just as important as what you hear. Having to push the pedal all the way to the floor might mean that there is air in the lines that needs to be bled.

When the response from the brake pedal is hard, but firm, it may mean that the rear brake shoes need to be adjusted or that there’s a problem with the parking brake. Depending on the type of brakes your car has, a pulsating pedal could mean that your rotor is warped.

A car that pulls to one side may have a number of problems, including a defective suspension, a leaking wheel cylinder, or a plugged brake hose. However, a stuck wheel cylinder, caliper piston, or improper tire pressure can produce the same symptoms. Any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned here should prompt you to take your car to a professional for a diagnosis and the brake repair your car is begging for.

Don’t take chances with your car and the auto repair it may need. Your safety is too important to ignore warning signs from your brakes.