Watch Those Walkers!

Although the number of pedestrians killed by cars has declined significantly in the last 30 years, we know that you can never be too careful. As people begin to walk more for exercise, the chances of pedestrian accidents increase. Also, in the cooler months, it is darker in the mornings and grows dark earlier in the evenings. At these times, it’s especially important to be alert for walkers. There is a higher incidence of pedestrian fatalities after 6:00 p.m. and before midnight than at any other portion of the day.

A large percentage of pedestrians killed also were intoxicated. That impairment means they were not as aware of vehicles as they might have been had they been sober. A majority of these crashes occur in areas that are not intersections—in other words, in places where drivers may not be especially alert to the possibility of someone crossing the street. As the driver of your vehicle, you need to be especially watchful at both high and low speeds, particularly in urban areas in Vista, CA and Oceanside, CA. The highest percentage of fatalities occur in cities, and nearly half result from being hit by cars driving slower than 40 miles per hour.

A vehicle is one of the few things we use almost daily that, if used improperly, can easily cause death. Steps you can take to avoid hitting a walker include having your eyes tested regularly and your vision corrected, if necessary; staying focused on your driving and not allowing yourself to be distracted; and making sure your windshield wipers workwell, brake repair has been done when necessary, and that your lights are clean and in good operating condition.