Stay Safe While Gassing

If you have e-mail, you’ve probably received plenty of messages that warn you not to do this or that. Most are just hoaxes; however, a recent e-mail warning people to avoid using their cell phones while gassing up their cars has a ring of truth to it.
There is a small, but definite, possibility that a cell phone could cause the ignition of gas fumes. Some cell-phone manufacturers have issued warnings noting that cell phones are not approved for areas where there is the potential for explosion. Some gas stations in Vista, CA and Oceanside CA have even posted signs warning patrons not to use cell phones while getting gas. The obvious conclusion is that it’s better to be safe, so turn your cell phone off if there’s any potential for ignition.

Here are a few other precautions that should be followed whenever you put gas in your car:

  • Turn your engine off and remove the key. Don’t turn the key back to run the radio.
  • Never smoke while putting gas in your car.
  • Remain outside the car until you’re finished pumping the gas. This will avoid any static buildup, thus lessening the potential for a spark when you reach to remove the nozzle from the car. If you must get back in the car while fueling, be sure to touch the metal of the car after you get out again. That should take care of any buildup before you grasp the nozzle.