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North County Import Specialist, Vista CA and Oceanside CA, 92083 and 92054, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Transmission Repair, Brake Repair and Auto Electrical Service
Glenn Federmack, 

Come visit North County Import Specialist in Vista and Oceanside! We are proud to specialize in Auto Repair. As the premier auto repair shop in Vista and Oceanside, our highly-trained automotive mechanics take great pride in supplying: Engine Repair, Transmission Repair, Brake Repair, and Auto Electrical Service. Each of our reliable specialists undergo extensive automotive repair training to meet all your auto repair needs.

North County Import Specialist is a state-of-the art, professional, full service automotive repair and maintenance center, serving Northern San Diego's Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, Honda, Toyota and Nissan owners with the highest standards in professional service, client satisfaction, reliability and integrity. We stand behind our work with a 2 year or 24,000 mile written warranty.

The owner and maintenance experts of North County Import Specialist have been honored to serve Vista and Oceanside for the past 22 years. While we focus on Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Transmission Repair, Brake Repair and Auto Electrical Service, we also provide a long range of other auto repair services listed on our services page. Our auto repair experts have built our reputation by providing consistently superior service here in Vista and Oceanside.

No matter what your vehicle needs, come see us at North County Import Specialist today! From Brakes to transmission to engine work, we are the best one stop auto repair shop in Vista and Oceanside. We provide trustworthy, fast, reliable, and quality work at the right price. Don’t just pass through; come see us for any of your auto repair needs.

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E S. on 10/17/2013:
"Great customer service, fair prices and good people. I have been a customer of NCIS fo approx 15-16 years. I highly recommend Glenn and his team."

Lupea M. from Vista on 10/8/2013:
"I have been taking my car to Glenn since 1994, had a Nissan then, and since bought a Jeep Liberty, and still take my car to him. There are mechanics and there are technicians, Glenn is not only a technician, he is a master technician. His diagnosis is always accurate, what needs to get done, gets done with out any unnecessary expense. Totally trust him!"

Darlene S. on 7/3/2013:
"I've been a loyal customer of North County Import Specialists for five years. I liked how they answered their phones and all of my questions. That and their pleasant personalities won me over. They're honest, and really take their time with your car. If you ask me, they go over and beyond the call of duty. I don't give recommendations easily, but I highly recommend this shop. They are a trusted and very reputable business."

Carolyn L. on 7/3/2013:
"North County Import Specialists is very good at reacting to emergencies. The first time I went there was an emergency situation. They got me in with no problems when a previous vendor had told me it would be a week before I would be in.

Also, they are very good when I bring my car in and am waiting. They are very responsive and straight up about what is going on. They are now my regular mechanics, and I have recommended them to other people. They came highly recommended to me, which doesn't always work out, but they have lived up to that recommendation. I have gone there for 18 months now.

There is also the benefit that they keep up on technology, so they can help you with any hybrid issues. It is also a great advantage if you have to get repaired and have AAA. They are AAA approved. For an auto shop the waiting areas are extremely clean. They keep the waiting area clean and inviting, and the bathrooms are kept clean. It is as pleasurable as it can be waiting there.

Rosario K. on 7/3/2013:
"North County Import Specialists services my Lexus. I also recommended my son, who had a Corolla, to go there, and then when he got a Lexus he continued to use them as well. I have been very satisfied.

I have used them for at least 2 years, and I know for even longer than that, because of their professionalism and the fairness in their price. They don't inflate anything, and they also don't do things that are not needed for the car.

I am very happy with the service that I get there. Glenn is a very professional person, and he helps out where he can. They have a drop off service where you can leave the car there overnight and drop the keys in a box. It is very convenient, and they work with the customer.

Sharon K. on 7/3/2013:
"I started using North County Import Specialists 15 years ago, when Glenn was working by himself in a small shop under a different name. I have never gone anywhere else, and am on my third car since. I now live in a different town, but I continue to use Glenn, even though I have to go several miles out of my way.

Glenn is such a personable man, and I know I can trust him. He does a wonderful job and is extremely professional. Every service is performed to a very high standard. Just try him, and you will never go anywhere else.

Brandon Webb on 7/3/2013:
"North County Import Specialists is a really great place that does everything right. They've provided too many services to mention because I've taken multiple cars there. I was recommended to North County Import Specialists by a family member. They do top quality work and they tell you when you don't need work done. They're not just trying to make money.

Brandon Webb

Joann E. on 7/3/2013:
"I've gone to North County Import Specialists for about thirteen years now. My son first found them and told me I should try them out, because they seemed like an honest shop to him and he knew that I had trouble with shops taking me for a ride and being dishonest with me. I don't know anything about my car, and people took advantage of that.

Ever since I started going to Glenn's, I have been very satisfied. I think Glenn runs a good, clean garage. Even the people he has working for him are very nice! Once when I was there, I had to sit there for awhile and he pushed his office chair out into the lobby for me, just because he knew I'd be more comfortable. I am very grateful for him. I always feel very comfortable and completely at ease with them. I feel they are honest and genuinely nice. I have no complaints!

I recommend them all the time. People ask me how expensive they are, and I tell them they are no more expensive than any other shop you go to, unless you want to go to a fly by night place!

Patricia F. on 7/3/2013:
"At North County Import Specialists, the work is always done professionally and quickly. This is actually my third car over the last 20 years that I've taken to this mechanic, ever since they were Nissan specialists. As an added plus, they also have good magazines in the lounge."

Martha G. on 7/3/2013:
"I have been going to North County Import Specialists for 15 years. They have taken good care of both of my cars. Glen is wonderful. If you have a little problem, you can take your car in and he will almost always help you right then and there. They are obviously very professional, and they do wonderful work."

Patrick O. on 7/3/2013:
"I have honestly yet to have a bad experience with North County Import Specialists. Every time I go in they are very friendly and very professional. They are usually quick about doing the repairs or the scheduled maintenance I need.

I have been using them a long time, for about 6 or 7 years. The staff there is very good about telling me the scheduled maintenance that might be coming up and making professional recommendations as to what is necessary now and what is not. That helps my financial situation and with the car maintenance that is required.

Charlie M. on 7/3/2013:
"North County Import Specialists has been servicing both my cars and doing the warranty services for the last 2 or 3 years now. I was tired of dealing with the dealership and the hassle they make you go through. It was much more convenient to just drop it off to Glenn.

If it is a simple oil change I am in and out of there in an hour. It is much more convenient. I haven't had a problem with anything yet. I have never had to take my vehicle back for anything. It is excellent service, and I would definitely give it a shot if you are tired of the wait and crowds at a dealership.

Brad B. on 7/3/2013:
"I had a car that they serviced for 400k miles and it was still running when I got rid of it. My next car has 150k miles. They also service my wife's car, which has 200k miles on it. We have been using them altogether for 15 years and over 750k miles worth of service. I am very happy with North County Import Specialists. Glenn always lets me know when things need done right away and when they can be put off for a little while. He is good to work with and he does good work."

C L W. on 7/3/2013:
"I have used North County Import Specialists for several years. I find them to be unequivocally honest and straightforward. They have excellent service people, and the quality of the work is exceptionally good. I would not let anyone else touch my car."

Jim D. on 7/3/2013:
"I have been a loyal customer of North county Import Specialists for over three years. I know that any issue or problem I have ends there. They have great customer service and are always willing to work with you. I highly recommend their services."

Manuel P. on 7/3/2013:
"My entire family has been taking our cars to North County Import Specialists for ten years. Yeah, you could say we're loyal customers. They are honest and completely professional; a tough combination to find in car shops. Everyone there is very friendly and ready to assist us in any way they can. I've never had any complaints in all these years. I highly recommend their services."

Eddie V. on 7/3/2013:
"I have been going to North County Import Specialist since they moved to their present location in 1995. I highly recommend them to anybody who needs auto repair work. I have had them do engine work on three different cars as well as other repairs and regular service. They are really knowledgeable. Each time I go there with a problem, they do a thorough diagnosis, tell me what I need, and we go from here. They really know what they are doing.

Eddie Valencia

Jefferey B. on 7/3/2013:
"I can't say enough good about Glen and his shop there. Everything you could possibly want in a shop you will find at North County Import Specialists. I have been using them for about 2 years, ever since I moved into the area."

Ron Q. on 7/3/2013:
"I've been using North County Import Specialists for several years, probably about 7 or 8 years. The owner, Glenn, is especially honest. They are reasonably priced, with good quality work, and are very trustworthy. What more can you ask for in a mechanic. It is good quality work for the price. I can't stress enough how important trustworthiness is in a mechanic."

Chad O. on 7/3/2013:
"I have been using North County Import Specialists since I bought my car, so almost 5 years. They have done mostly maintenance for me. They are honest and reasonably priced. They only do the work that needs to be done, not like dealers that often add little extras. They do a good job, they do it straight, and they do it at a reasonable price for the expensive car I have."

Jim H. on 7/3/2013:
"I started going to North County Import Specialists because of my experience with the dealerships and their shops. I just had to find another shop, so I switched to North County about 10 years ago and there is no question of their superiority.

We have 2 cars, a Nissan Pathfinder and an Infinity, and North County has performed all the service for both vehicles, including transmission work on the infinity and a repair on the power seat. The reason we do not buy new cars is because they keep them running without any problems.

We are so satisfied with North County that when we look for new cars, we look or Nissan products so we can continue using them.

Jim Hawkins

Tristan H. on 7/3/2013:
"I actually switched over and started using North County Import Specialists a few years ago. It has been so great that I refer other people to go there as well. I even have some people from LA county making the drive to use them. They are pretty awesome.

Both the customer service and the work itself is better than previous mechanics I have been to, and the price is pretty on key. I have been ripped off at other mechanics, but Glen is great.

Sharon V. on 7/3/2013:
"I feel there is an honesty behind what North County Import Specialists says. They were recommended to me several years ago, and now I won't take my car anywhere else. Glen has done some major work for me, in fact he showed me the inside of my transmission once so that I would understand what he was doing.

There have been times when if I couldn't pay for the whole thing, North County would do what was absolutely necessary and tell me how long it would be before we needed everything else. Most people we have used tell us that we have to do things right away.

Previously I had a mechanic who was very dishonest with me, and I brought the car to Glen. Glen let me know that what the other guy said was not right, and that is when he showed me the inside of my engine. He explained what other people say and do to get money out of me.

If you go in there and act like family, they treat you like family. I would recommend them, and I have never had any problems with any of the work they have done. I have already recommended them several times.

Ann L. on 7/3/2013:
"I have been going to see Glen at North County Import Specialists for the last 5 to 10 years, ever since I've had my Nissan. He is excellent at what he does. He always recommends what needs to be done and what can wait, keeping in mind my finances.

He always works with me so that the safety of my family is secure. Glen once saw that the tires on my car were going bald, knew that it wasn't safe, replaced them, and worked with me on financing.

When I hear little noises, I'll call Glen and he'll tell me to come by when I can if he thinks it is an issue. Then he will correct the problem for me when I get there. Glen at North County Import Specialists is worth going to. He is dependable and an excellent mechanic. I can't say enough good things about him, and he really deserves recognition.

Jackie B. on 7/3/2013:
"I have been going to North County Import Specialists for many years now. As a woman, finding Glenn was a blessing. I went to him after spending money and years with mechanics who were unreliable and dishonest, and I was very frustrated.

Glenn's service is impeccable. He explains everything clearly. He is honest, reliable, professional, ethical, and wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Through all these years, I have never had a problem. He is really very careful, his place is spotless, and his people are courteous and respectful.

When my car was stolen two years ago, I called Glenn and asked his opinion on which car to buy. He was right, and I am absolutely satisfied with my car. The maintenance is cheaper than other cars. Also, when my car was stolen, I had to provide my papers for all the service on my car, and Glenn provided everything quickly. Again, he is responsible, ethical, and professional. That is worth gold to me.

You do not find people like Glenn anymore. He is one of a kind. He is ethical and he knows what he is doing.

Luz. A. Angel on 7/3/2013:
"Glenn at North County Import Specialists is completely honest. I will always go back to him. I am always treated with respect and professionalism. I am never hit with unexpected or hidden charges. I feel safe because I go to them. I am healing from a back and neck surgery, and am scared of driving because of it, and I would not trust anyone else to work on my car. They currently work on my P.T. Cruiser.

I have been going to North County Import Specialists for over 3 years. I can reassure you are going to get honest, respectful and reliable service on your vehicle. I always know I am getting my money's worth, and there are no hidden surprises. I highly recommend them.

I started using them when I had a predicament with a Nissan and was told that Glen could give a proper diagnostic test. Because of his recommendation I was able to take the car back to the dealer and get a much better one. He really saved me from a lemon. I would still be paying for that car but it would be unusable at this point. That type of honesty is what makes me go back. He is really fantastic.

Luz A. Angel

Carmen M. on 7/3/2013:
"I have been going to Glen for a long, long time. I had originally discovered Glen when my late husband owned a Nissan and one day we came across Glenn's profile in the local paper. At the time, we had a contract with Nissan, but after the contract was up, we needed a mechanic and I remembered Glenn. I have been seeing him now for 20 years. He is one excellent mechanic, and I would not go to anybody else. Even if I had a new car, I would take it to North County Import Specialists.

I recommend Glenn to people all time and I even pass out his business card. He has always been there for me. He is a good, honest person, and honesty is the key with me. Anytime I have a problem, I just call and he solves it. If I am ever unsure about anything, he takes the time to talk to me and he gives me the answer. Even if I want to buy a new car, I get Glenn involved. And, he keeps my car in tip-top shape, so I do not have to go to him that often. I will never change mechanics.

Carmen Moffitt

Wayne D. on 7/3/2013:
"Glenn is competent and honest, which is rare to find in the automotive service business. I have been using him about 10 years. I have never had to bring a repair back to North County Import Specialists; it is done right the first time. I have so much confidence in him, and I know he is not just trying to use me to make a profit. I have known him so long that I consider him a friend."

Professional and High Quality

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North County Import Specialist, Vista CA and Oceanside CA, 92083 and 92054, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Transmission Repair, Brake Repair and Auto Electrical Service North County Import Specialist, Vista CA and Oceanside CA, 92083 and 92054, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Transmission Repair, Brake Repair and Auto Electrical Service North County Import Specialist, Vista CA and Oceanside CA, 92083 and 92054, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Transmission Repair, Brake Repair and Auto Electrical Service North County Import Specialist, Vista CA and Oceanside CA, 92083 and 92054, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Transmission Repair, Brake Repair and Auto Electrical Service North County Import Specialist, Vista CA and Oceanside CA, 92083 and 92054, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Transmission Repair, Brake Repair and Auto Electrical Service

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